Auditions for the 2020-2021 season will be done through recording and uploading 

Live auditions will not be held.  This season, auditions will be done through recording and uploading on an audition form.  Auditions will be accepted only until 11:59 pm on August 21, 2020.  Acceptance notices will be provided no later than August 31st.
There is a $10 non-refundable audition registration fee.

LSYO Requirements/Excerpts for Auditions


There are specific requirements for each orchestra and each instrument.  If you choose to audition for more than one orchestra, choose the materials for the higher level for your audition. You will only be placed in one orchestra.

Prelude Strings​

Concert Orchestra

Symphony Orchestra

Recording Your Audition


Recordings should be made in your home

Professional recordings or past recital footage will not be accepted. The quality of your recording will not affect your placement.


Camera Placement

Please record in landscape.  Record in a well-lit area in your home.  Make sure there is proper front lighting so your face is clear. You should be able to see your instrument and full range of motion in the picture at all times. Be certain you are not in mirror image.


Video Formats

Video files will be uploaded to our website; you will receive the link after registering and paying your non-refundable fee.

We recommend using a format and resolution that is consistent with high-quality internet video.

We ask that you upload your video to a service that will allow you to share a link to the file with us.  Some recommendations include:

  • Google Drive (directions for uploading and sharing; ensure 'anyone with link' can access the file)

  • Dropbox (directions for uploading and sharing)

  • YouTube (directions for uploading; make sure it is marked as 'Unlisted')

Alternatively, you can use another service, just as long as you can obtain a shareable link to your video.


Before recording, test your audio and camera placement. Play your loudest and softest passages to be sure you can be heard without distortion. An external microphone is recommended, but not required.  Brass players should be sure to point the bell away from the microphone.


Musicians should wear appropriate clothing. Please treat your video audition as if it were a LIVE audition.


At the beginning of your recording, please state your name and the orchestra for which you are auditioning. Perform your required audition pieces in this order:


  1. Scales

  2. Etude/Technical Demonstration (if required)

  3. Prepared Excerpts

You do not have to record all of your pieces in a single take, but you do need to have a single video to upload for your audition submission (i.e. you can splice the videos together).

After Recording

REVIEW your recording to make sure it is your best playing.  You may want to send it to your private instructor or another musician before submitting.

Audition Submission

When you are ready to submit your audition, click the Register button below, where you will prompted to submit the non-refundable audition fee.  After successfully registering, you will receive an e-mail with the details for submitting your audition.


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