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While we are socially isolating and unable to perform in person, there are many ways that you, our musicians, can help us maintain engagement with our community.  



Do you have any photos of you with your fellow LSO musicians?  Selfies at rehearsal breaks, pictures you took at pre-concert receptions or post-concert parties, group shots from past galas...we'd like to collect them to assemble a slide show!  Please look through your collection and upload them using this Google Form.

#LSOMusicianShowcase Videos

We are currently publishing two #LSOMusicianShowcase videos to Facebook, YouTube, and our website every week.  We might also use these videos for our upcoming virtual gala.  We would be grateful if you would consider uploading a video of you performing one of your favorite pieces!

Please follow these guidelines:

  1. Record in landscape.

  2. Keep the overall video to less than 3 minutes.

  3. Choose a piece of music in the public domain.

  4. Pause ~2 seconds before and after your recording to allow for editing before publication.

  5. Introduce yourself.

  6. State the name of the piece and the composer.

  7. If desired, state why you chose this piece of music.

  8. Upload your recording using this Google Form.

  9. If you have a piece already recorded that you would like to include, please add a short intro video that can be added over the video.  Upload both videos to the Google Form in Step 7 (you will have to use the form twice, once for each video).  We will combine the two videos for you.

Testimonial Videos

We are planning to use testimonial videos as part of our virtual gala.  Please follow these guidelines:

  1. Record in landscape.

  2. If possible, pose with (or in front of) your instrument.

  3. Pause ~2 seconds before and after you speak to allow for editing before publication.

  4. Please follow this Mad Lib:

    My name is ____________ and I've been playing with the LSO for ___________ (weeks/months/years).  I love playing with the LSO because ____<something inspiring or inspirational>____.

  5. Upload your testimonial video using this Google Form.

If you have any issues, please contact Matt Banner.

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