Philharmonic is a full symphonic orchestra composed of the most talented and accomplished young brass, wind, string, and percussion musicians in Loudoun County and surrounding areas. Members of the Philharmonic rehearse and perform professional-level standard orchestral repertoire from all musical eras.


It is recommended that musicians in this ensemble have at least 4 years of private instruction and 3 years of experience in an ensemble. It is also recommended that they be proficient in the following:



  • Perform all 3 octave scales

  • Hold comprehensive understanding of all hand positions

  • Have functional vibrato

  • Perform solo repertoire that demonstrates full facility on the instrument

  • Have foundational knowledge of clef changes 



  • Perform all 2 octave scales and three octave scales when appropriate

  • Demonstrate a well developed tone, control of different articulation patterns, and an understanding of pitch adjustments

  • Have well developed facility

  • Have foundational knowledge of transpositions and clef changes 



  • Perform all 2 octave major scales and three octave major scales when appropriate (mallets)

  • Perform essential rudiments such as rolls, flams, drags/ruffs, and accented/non accented patterns

  • Have past experience with common auxiliary instruments (Crash cymbals, tambourine, etc)

  • Have past experience with Timpani

Past repertoire has included:

Philharmonic Orchestra