Rehearsals take place on Tuesday evenings from September until May mostly in Ashburn, VA.  We will begin LSYO rehearsals on September 8.   


It is the goal of the LSYO program to deliver an intensive and high caliber performance experience for our musicians.  However, with the unique restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 virus, this has created the necessity for the LSYO to adapt to the restrictions that will maintain a safe and healthy environment for all of our young musicians. This means that the 2020-2021 concert season will look a little differently than a traditional season – we’ll rehearse face-to-face whenever possible.  If not, we will rehearse virtually.  


With this in mind, the season is going to revolve around a Kaleidoscope theme of major works every 4-8 weeks that is further supplemented with small ensemble assignments for students. The idea behind this approach is to allow students to maintain a focus on larger scale orchestral repertoire, both in individual and in section practice, and also be supplemented with regular small ensemble rehearsals to explore musical development in a small ensemble setting. The goal of this approach is to allow for material to be put together and rehearsed in a short timeframe once we return to a state where we may have in person concerts.


The Symphony orchestra will explore the topics “Curse of the Nine,” African American composers, and music from art.


The Concert orchestra will focus on topics such as Mozart vs. Salieri, the “Animal Kingdom in Music,” and “Stories and Adventures.” 

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