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A donor advised fund is like a dedicated account for charitable giving. It enables donors to contribute to the fund, be eligible for an immediate tax deduction, and recommend grants to any IRS-qualified charity - like the Loudoun Symphony.


How do you make a donate to the Loudoun Symphony from your donor advised fund?

Contact the sponsoring organization that manages your donor advised fund and request a donation be made to the Loudoun Symphony. Provide them with the details listed below. The sponsoring organization will take it from there!

Legal Name

Loudoun Symphony Association, Inc.

Mailing Address

Loudoun Symphony Association

P.O. Box 4478, Leesburg, VA 20177

Federal Tax ID Number


How does it work?

Pamela and Carl have always had a passion for music and want to support programs in their community. They establish a $20,000 donor advised fund with a community foundation. They receive a federal income tax charitable deduction for the amount of their gift to the donor advised fund.

After establishing the fund, Pamela and Carl can recommend grants from their donor advised fund to the Loudoun Symphony and any other charities they would like to support. They can also name Loudoun Symphony as the beneficiary to receive the account balance after their lifetimes. 

How do you establish a donor advised fund?

If you would like information about establishing a donor advised fund, we would be happy to introduce you to some people who can help.  Please contact our Executive Director by completing this form.

Check for required fields and resubmit. 


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