Loudoun Symphony Supporters
2018 to 2019

Gift of $25,000

The Hon. Joe and Bobby May


Gift of $15,000

Victoria and Michael Egan


Gift of $10,000

Claude Moore Charitable Foundation


Loudoun Symphony Orchestra Sponsor - $7,500

One Loudoun


“Holiday Cheer” - Holiday Concert Sponsor - $7,500

Mr. and Mrs. William Kane


Gifts Between $5,000 - $6,000

Wm. Joe and Judith McGregor

Raelene and Douglas Wagoner


2019-2020 Loudoun Symphony Youth Orchestra Program - $4,900



Gifts Between $2,250-$4,000

Teresa Yancey Crane

Jolene Wood and Richard Evans

Rudy and Sandra Hilado

Virginia Commission for the Arts


2019 Gala Table and Gala Co-Sponsor - $2,500

Toth Financial

Loudoun Symphony Orchestra and Loudoun Symphony Youth Orchestra Program - $2,000

Loudoun Arts Council


Principal Chair Underwriter - $1,500

Bank of Clarke County


2019 Gala Table Sponsors - $1,500

Barrett Suzuki Music Studio

Catoctin School of Music

Claude Moore Charitable Foundation

Victoria and Michael Egan

Mr. and Mrs. William Kane

Michelle Khalili and Greg Yuhas

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Newell

Northstrat, Inc.

Martha and Stephen Robin

Lillian and Michael Rohrer

Raelene and Douglas Wagoner


2019 Gala Silver Event Sponsor - $1,000

Northstrat, Inc.


Gifts Between $1,000-$2,000

Jane and Matt Banner

Lorna Laparan and Ronald Fleming

Betty O’Lear


Youth Educational Program - $1,000

Greer Institute for Leadership and Innovation

Anne R. Jones

Cheryl and William May


Gifts Between $500-$1,000

Chuck Banner

Giancarlo and Nancia D’Alimonte

Myrna and Dennis Dunn

Elizabeth Ellers and Eugene Gulland

Teresa Gordon

Debbie and David Heimburger

Julie and Jeff Kelly

Michelle Khalili and Greg Yuhas

Karen and Stephan Knobloch

Lyn Laparan

Donna Lauderdale

Christy and Michael Pierson

Jeanne and Daniel Porter      

Ann and John Pucci


2019 Gala Bronze Event Sponsor - $500

Greer Institute for Leadership and Innovation


Patron - $500

Fritz and Carole Bley

John and Victoria Currie

Customer Value Partners, Inc. – Anirudh Kulkarni    

Najia and John DePiro

Anne and Jamie Doll  

Jennene and Wayne Estes

Cheryl Gilligan and Phil Natsios

Lindsay Hastings

David and Mary Hughes

Karen Irvin

Jennifer and Paul Oliver

Lewis E. Parker


Gifts Between $250-$500

Elizabeth Bley

Ricky Boyd

Barbara Day

Michelle Francis

Eudora and Matt Giamporcaro

Phyllis Gordon

Mary and Michael Lentine

Drs. Hesed Padilla-Nash and William Nash

Stephanie and Tony Nerantzis

Dr. Lisa Hyun-Park and Jungeun Park


Gala “Benefactor” Sponsor - $250

Atlantic Union Bank

The Catoctin School of Music


Benefactor - $250

Dr. Carolyn Barrett

Bruce and Kristen Eisenhart

Isabel and Rob Fiolek

Mary Frances Forcier

Gregory Fox

Barbara and George Gerritsen

Joe Gillespie

Beth Goldsmith and Philip Rohrer

Kerry and David Guaglianone

Dr. Mary Haberl

Lisa Laparan


Kaushiki Sircar and Ashish Patel

Gifts Between $100 - $250

Creative Works – Beth Goldsmith

M and Al Hussaini

Jennifer Baylor and Brian Zinda

Virginia Fecteau

Isabel and Rob Fiolek

Rune Foster

Carol and Steven Kettler

Leann and Jeff Lindsey

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mazzucchelli

Norman Myers

Tamara and James Presley

Elizabeth Q. Ten Eyck

Dr. and Mrs. Roger Tutton




Member - $100

Lisa August

Phillip Bellaria

Molly and Adam Benn

Mary Kay Brown

Earl Thomas Burton

Joseph Choi

Anne and Dick Conaway

Fred Flemming and Elizabeth Whiting

Chuck Flynn

Alison Hempel

Sabina Holz

John Howard

Albert Islas

Elizabeth Kellogg

Lucky Marks and Family

Patricia and Philip Meyer

Celia Morrison

Amy Parks

Patricia and Rob Pless

C. Carole Richard

Alyce Rideout

Scott Rippey

Lee and Won Rowe

Julie and John Sisson

Mary Ann and Thomas Smith

Diane and John Wasowicz

Michelle Lea White    


Donations in Memory of Mr. Norman Duncan

Dr. Ethelle Lord

Joyce and Randolph Yeary

CAPT Richard Ryan, USN Retired


In-Kind Donations

Victoria Egan

Charles Greenough

Sabina Holz


Michelle Khalili

Karen Knobloch

Jeff Lubin Fine Portrait Studio

Lillian Rohrer

Music & Arts

PNC Bank

Restaurant at Patowmack Farm

Martha Robin

Sorelle Auctions for a Cause

Updegrove Combs & McDaniel Certified Public Accountants and Consultants (UC&M)

Jolene Wood