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What do I need to submit for my art? 

Just the artwork in digital form through this form.

How do I know you received my submission?

You will receive an automatic receipt-of-submission email.

For Film and Animation: Can I send an outside link?

YES. Our preference for online submissions is Google Drive, but a Vimeo link with password and download capabilities is also welcome. We must be able to screen your work AND download without restrictions. YouTube videos will not be accepted. The submitter is responsible for ensuring that their link and password are active. In the event of a password or screener URL change after submitting, email us immediately. 

How many times can I submit?

One submission per artist. If you decide to change or edit your artwork before the deadline, please email us directly. Teachers may submit one entry for their collaborative class project and one entry for their own art.

I do not live in Loudoun County. Can I submit?

We currently are only accepting artwork from residents of Loudoun County, but we plan to expand to other counties for our next project. If you attend school in Loudoun County, or you are an art teacher who teaches in Loudoun County but you live elsewhere, you may submit.

Can we submit as a team?

YES! We would LOVE to receive collaborative artwork from schools, groups and the community!  

Who selects what art will be included in the projected performance film?

The One Planet, One Community programming team along with select outside adjudicators will choose works that represent the diversity of Loudoun County artists and mediums.

Will I be notified where my artwork will be presented? 

We will not be notifying artists where their artwork will be shown. All artwork will be included in some capacity during this event (in the foyer, during the performance, online, or all three). We encourage everyone to attend the event to support one another and the community!

What type of art do you accept?

Photography, traditional 2D art, digital art, film and animation.

Is there a time limit for films and animation?

YES, no longer than 60 seconds to be considered for the projected performance film. If your film runs longer, you may include the time of the segment you wish to use. Ex: From 1:03 to 2:03. We will attempt to have links to full videos available to the audience on that day.


Do you have any rating limitations?

YES, all art must be family and community friendly. If we feel your artwork does not fall into this category, you will be notified.  

If you have any questions not answered here, please email us at We are unable to address inquiries via phone.

LSO artwork high resolution.jpg

Art by Loudoun artist, Layla Griffin

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