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These musicians give their time and talent to perform and volunteer around the Northern Virginia area, while representing LSYO in their schools and events. Ambassadors must apply for their positions and be accepted into the program. This year we had 27 applications. In the first four months of our inaugural year, these musicians have performed at over 10 events, including SCAN of Nova’s Annual Blue Tie Gala, Loudoun Cares Annual Art Auction, and Boulder Crest’s Annual Open House.  


Some of our musicians below are also part of our newly launched Ensemble Ambassador program, where musicians assist the conductors of our String Orchestra and Prelude Strings in organizing rehearsals and teaching the ensembles.

Meet Loudoun Symphony Youth Orchestra's 2023-2024 Performance Ambassadors!

Charles Andress, Bassoon
Philharmonic Orchestra

Charles is in his 3rd year with LSYO. He is a senior at Stone Bridge High School and plays alto and tenor saxophone.


"I enjoy playing with LSYO because now it is an opportunity to perform and have fun with amazing musicians"

Charles Andress.jpg

Scarlett Ashford, Horn

Philharmonic Orchestra

Scarlett is in her second year with LSYO. This is her first year playing with the Philharmonic Orchestra. With the orchestra she plays french horn, but her main instrument is piano, which she has been playing for the past seven and a half years. You can also see her performing at local shops and playing on the softball field. 


“I love LSYO because it has helped me grow so much as a musician, and supported me through my musical obstacles.”

Scarlett Ashford.jpg

Felicity Banner, Violin

Philharmonic Orchestra

Felicity is a junior at Loudoun County High School. This is her sixth year in LSYO and has played the violin for ten years. She is also a knitter and crocheter. Felicity often plays with Eva and Zoe in a formal trio coached by Ms. Jennene Estes at Catoctin School of Music.


“I enjoy being challenged with music that we may not have found outside of LSYO.”

Felicity Banner.jpg

Sawyer Degregori, Viola

Philharmonic Orchestra

Sawyer plays the viola and has been with the LSYO for two years. They’re a senior at Woodgrove High School. In addition to viola, Sawyer plays Animal Crossing and likes to dabble in mallet instrument playing.


“I love being able to perform with like-minded musicians. I have made so many great friends and fond memories during rehearsal.”

Sawyer Degregori.jpg

Samuel Garcia Hacek, Cello

Philharmonic Orchestra

Sam has played cello with LSYO’s Philharmonic Orchestra for two years. He also enjoys playing many other instruments in his school and composing/arranging music. 


“LSYO has been a fantastic experience for me, it’s helped me to grow tremendously as a musician and even more as a leader.”

Samuel Garcia Hacek..jpg

Ian Farber, Double Bass

Symphonic Orchestra

Ian has played the double bass for four years. This is his third year with LSYO, two of those with String Orchestra. He currently plays with LSYO’s Symphonic Orchestra. He currently is a freshman at Potomac Falls High School. In addition to double bass, Ian is also learning the electric bass, and he serves as one of our Ensemble Ambassadors.


“I have learned a lot from playing in the LSYO. Ranging from how to play with ensemble to learning to be a better leader. Any one who can play with the LSYO should. It is an amazing opportunity and a good place to make friends.”

Ian Farber.jpg

Khloe Kaegy, Horn

Philharmonic Orchestra

This is Khloe’s second year with LSYO under the direction of Dr. Hayden Denesha. She is a sophomore at Heritage High School.


“LSYO has offered me a great deal of leadership roles over the time I’ve performed with them and I’m very thankful for all of the wonderful opportunities and experiences I’ve had with them as my confidence grows as a musician.”

Khloe Kaegy.jpg

Elliot Pomper, Clarinet

Philharmonic Orchestra

Elliot is a sophomore at Langley High School. This is his first year with LSYO. Elliot plays clarinet for Langley's marching band and wind symphony. He has also played with Northern Virginia Youth Winds as well as participated in the Fairfax City Band's Summer Concert Series. 


“Being in LSYO and a part of the ambassador program has been a really fun experience, and it has inspired me to form my own ensemble and perform for my community.”

Elliot Pomper.jpg

Madison Rider, Viola

Philharmonic Orchestra

Madison is in her first year with LSYO. She loves being able to perform music and meet new people all over Northern Virginia. 


“I am so grateful to be part of the Philharmonic Orchestra, the program has given me amazing opportunities to grow as a musician and as a leader.”

Madison Rider.jpg

Asina Tekin, Violin 

Philharmonic Orchestra

Asina is in her second year with LSYO’s Philharmonic Orchestra. She plays the violin and is a junior attending Broad Run High.


 “I love the ambassador program because it allows us to experience performing outside of the traditional orchestra setting.”

Asina Tekin.jpg

Zoe Thoma, Cello

Symphonic Orchestra

Zoe has played the cello with LSYO for over 2 years. She also plays the piano and loves being musically involved. As an ambassador, Zoe plays with Felicity and Eva in a formal trio coached by Ms. Jennene Estes at Catoctin School of Music.


“I am grateful to have all these opportunities from the ambassador program to be able to meet new people and share the music.”

Zoe Thoma.jpg

Alexander Ulreich, Bassoon

Philharmonic Orchestra

Xander is a Freshman at Tuscarora High School and The Academy of Engineering and Technology. He has been playing music for almost his entire life, as he has grown up in a musical family. He has played bassoon with LSYO for more than 3 years. In addition to bassoon, Xander plays both jazz and classical saxophone. 


"I love being able to play with LYSO as it has expanded my teamwork skills and ability to play with other people."

Alexander Ulreich.jpg

Eva Ulreich, Violin

Philharmonic Orchestra

Eva Ulreich is a junior at Tuscarora High School and The Academy of Engineering and Technology.  She plays with the first violins in LSYO’s Philharmonic. This is her fifth year with the orchestras. Eva has interests in all kinds of art, including animation, drawing, music, and cosplay. She lives in a musical household with her parents, brother, dog, and many cats. As an ambassador, Eva often plays with Felicity and Zoe in a formal trio coached by Ms. Jennene Estes at Catoctin School of Music.


“I love being a performance ambassador because it keeps me busy. There are always new opportunities available. I have become closer with my peers, and I meet new people as well, just by playing music.”

Eva Ulreich.jpg
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